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Master Your English And Become a "Citizen Of The World"
Cursos de Inglés en Línea para Chile 

Our mission is to guide you in discovering and valuing your own voice, rather than replicating native speaker patterns.

Why Study With Us?

Education is a right not an opportunity, thats why there are 4 values that drive the strategy of our programs.

Inclusive Learning Environment_ActyTú_Chile.jpg

Inclusive Learning Environment

Our online English school cultivates an inclusive learning atmosphere, offering equitable opportunities for both teachers and students of diverse backgrounds.

Results-Driven Approach_ActyTú_Chile.jpg

Driven Approach

We utilize advanced and proven teaching methodologies and strategies, guaranteeing substantial enhancement in students' English language proficiency.

Natural Fluency and Intonnation_ActyTú_Chile.jpg

Fluency and Intonnation

Our expert instructors enhance your natural fluency and rhythm, focusing on pronunciation and intonation. Achieve authentic English speaking skills for effortless interactions and increased self-confidence.

Networking and Connecting with Peers_ActyTú_Chile.jpg

Networking and Connecting with Peers

Network with global professionals and peers united in enhancing their English skills. Forge valuable connections and expand your personal and professional networks with like-minded individuals.

This is how it works

Our Programs

Education is a right not an opportunity, thats why there are 4 values that drive the strategy of our programs.

Academia de inglés virtual Chile



Business English is a key stepping stone to unlocking your full professional potential in the global market. Our personalized Business English programs are meticulously designed to cater to your unique career goals and industry requirements, ensuring that every lesson directly contributes to your professional growth.


English for Seniors

We cherish the wealth of experience and perspective that seniors bring to the learning table, which is why our English for Seniors programs are specifically designed with the mature learner in mind. These programs offer a blend of cultural enrichment, conversation practice, and gentle grammar refinement.



Designed to cater to your unique learning goals and interests. Our bespoke approach ensures that whether you're aiming to improve your conversational skills, understand cultural nuances, or simply enjoy the beauty of the English language, there's a path carved out just for you.



Personalized English Grammar programs, designed to demystify the complexities of the language for learners at any level. Our approach is tailored to your specific needs, focusing on building a strong grammatical foundation through practical exercises, interactive lessons, and personalized feedback.


Accuracy Programs

Precision is key, and at Actytú, our personalized Accuracy Programs are crafted to hone your English language precision to perfection. Tailored to address individual challenges and strengths, these programs focus on the nuances of grammar, vocabulary, and syntax, ensuring you articulate thoughts with clarity and correctness.


25-Minute Open Conversation Class

Because practice leads to perfection, we invite you to join us for a one-on-one session where you can gradually improve your English fluency and build your confidence step by step!


English for

​The adventure of learning English should start early and be filled with joy and curiosity. Our English for Kids programs are specially designed to ignite young minds, making learning a language fun, interactive, and incredibly engaging. We foster appreciation for English that goes beyond the classroom.

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